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6 February 2006

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ISBN: 1902197011
6 short stories plus an introduction by Stewart Home.

Blind in the city of light, Patricia walked carefully back through the Cimitiere Pere-Lachasie


  • The Braile Encyclopaedia
  • The Room Where Love Lives
  • Red King Rising
  • Lovecraft in Heaven
  • Depravity
  • I’m A Policeman

I suppose weird would be a good one review of this collection, but I already knew that from the blurb. The blurb I didn’t actually read until after I bought the book. Weird, disturbing, but very readable would be a slightly longer review. Actually considering some of the descriptions and occurrences, these stories are very readable.

Two of the 6 stories here are scripts, Red King Rising is a discussion/confrontation between a 13 year old Alice, and her creator, in the form of Lewis Carroll. The other Depravity features Aleister Crowley. Actually the majority of the prose here uses figures that you will be familar with. Lovecraft, for example[1] features as well as those I’ve already mentioned.

If you’ve liked other work by Morrison you may enjoy this. Personally I doubt I’d reread it, but it was interesting, in a wtf way.

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  1. though I’ve yet to read anything by him

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3 Responses

  1. Inigo says:

    I know this is going to sound a bit weird, but you wouldn't be willing to sell the book, would you ? Really want to read it but cannot find it anywhere … Thanks, anyway!

  2. Fence says:

    Hi Inigo, I've replied by email, but just in case that is a spam-only one. It doesn't sound weird, but that is the problem. I've already sold it, sorry.

  1. 11 September 2008

    […] Morrison certainly didn’t hinder my purchase. After all he did produce the weirdness that was Lovely Biscuits, not to mention one of my favourite comics of all time, We3. And I really wasn’t disappointed […]