In the Ruins by

26 February 2006

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ISBN: 1841492736
Book 6 of Crown of Swords

Feather Cloak was fertile, the only pregnant woman left among her people

The first time I read King’s Dragon, the first book of this series I wasn’t all that impressed. But for some reason I reread it.
And on my second reading I enjoyed it a lot more. But that was more than a few years, and as seems to happen, the Crown of Stars series has ended up a much longer series than it started out. This is book six, the penultimate in the series.

I probably should have reread the others before reading this one, but I remembered most of what had gone on, if not the exact details. In the Ruins begins with the world in the aftermath of destruction, as the lost lands of the Cursed Ones have returned to earth. There have been great destructive waves, and volcanoes. And now the ash is blotting out the sunlight. Not only is the natural world in upheaval but the various political factions are still plotting against one another. And in the midst of all this Hugh is still after Liath.

This is a fairly solid read. Nothing overly special to recommend it, but nothing to really complain about, apart from the amount of characters and having to keep track of them all. Not enough Sanglant, you’ll say, or maybe not enough Alain, depending on who your favourite character may be.

Readable. But, perhaps because this is really one half of a very, very long book, there is not a lot of action. I’ll read on in the series before I make my mind up totally.

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