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11 February 2006

Sometimes people really make you wonder if they have brains at all. I mean, if you are sitting at a computer, in a public place, where the monitors face the room would you really be looking at porn?

Well, would you?

Cause thats what some of the students were doing today. There I was, at the desk, doing up Resource Folder lists[1] when I noticed that one of the fellas on the computer was browsing through a load of images. So I watched for a while, trying to decide whether I’d go tell him that “library P.C.s are for research only”, when I noticed him lean over to his friend, asking him to move so he would block the screen. This made me wonder what exactly he was trying to hide.

My interest was rewarded by seeing the top of a huge image begin to load. Thank god our computers aren’t too fast :) As I stood up porn-boy’s friend noticed and said something. Porn-boy clicked out of there pretty quickly, let me tell you.

But that did not annoy I. On no. Instead I pointedly told him that “you shouldn’t be looking at things like that here” and then took a look at what his friend, who shall henceforth be known as Porno-mate, had on the computer. A flash game. So, despite the fact that I often use webland for games and what not I made him shut that down. I also made porno-mate shut down his email, as technically email isn’t allowed in the library. Hee. I was going to flick through the stuff they had printed off, but decided not to risk my eyesight. :twisted:

I don’t really care if the students look at porn. Once they aren’t stupid enough to do it on the library computers where everyone can see exactly what they are looking at. Plus, we’ve been hit by a load of viruses lately, not to mention spyware. A lot of which probably comes from porn sites, and game sites.

I must pay more attention to what the students are using webland from. It is fun to make them stop. Power-mad? me? I hardly think so. I’m still letting you read this blog, amn’t I?


  1. yawn

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  1. banzai cat says:

    You rawk, my dear Fence. :-)