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24 February 2006

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The Legend of Ron Burgandy
Who knew the history of news readers had so much bloodshed and conflict?
If you like this type of film (Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball) then you’ll love this film. Ferrell is wonderful as over the top anchorman Ron. But it is the wonderful mix of quotable phrases, stupidity and humour that make this film one to watch.

I’m not going to recap the plot, because there isn’t any point. This story doesn’t really have to make sense. It is all about the madness.

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  1. 5 October 2006

    […] Overall it is an entertaining enough film, with a fair few laughs, but it isn’t the genius that was Anchorman and a few of the laughs fall flat. Still, worth watching if you’ve nothing better to do. 5/10» Adam McKay» cars» Gary Cole» John C. Reilly» mldly amusing» nascar» R 12A» Sacha Baron Cohen» Will Ferrel» […]