Fer Jaysus’ Sake

Is milk really an iconic product? Is a “pint of milk” what represents Britain these days? I mean, just when you think the whole world gone mad watching a whale is bad along comes a story about how we measure liquids. And how people will get all confused, and end up buying too much milk, […]

Wheel of Time

Knife of Dreams

Wheel of Time # 11
ISBN: 1841491632

After the last book, where nothing happened I was a little reluctant to start this. But although not a lot happens, some things do. And we can certainly see a lot of forward momentum and arranging for the next book, which is supposed to be the last in the series.

There is really very little point in reviewing this. If you’ve read the previous 10 book in the series then nothing I say will really impact on your decision to read this. And if you haven’t then you really should not start with book 11 of a series. Are you mad?

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The world is full of educated derelicts

My poor neglected blogroll,            All of yesterday went by without me making my way through you and leaving comments. Indeed, these past few days I haven’t been visiting many blogs. I blame work. See, first I complain about having no work to do, and sitting around in an empty library waiting for something to […]

You know, after what I’ve seen now, I think I prefer people to think of kangaroos when they hear “Austria” after all.

So I was reading through the latest offering from the Popcorn and Chainmail people, where they sporked The Sound of Music, and I came across this little line: And would everyone please hold the fork in their left hand while eating? You know, like it’s done in Europe? So question America, and the rest of […]

Underworld: Evolution

I’ll admit to being a fan of the first Underworld film. Not that it was a great film or anything, but it had style and an interesting premise. Although the execution was lacking it still kept me entertained enough to buy it on dvd. So I was looking forward to this sequal. I should remember […]


Memo to self: When walking down the street do not listen to Gift Grub. Laughing to yourself is the sign of a mad person. Do not sing along with songs entitled Bloody Mother Fucking Assholes while waiting in the queue. Do not pay more attention to the birds flying overhead while walking to work than […]