Week 151

    She says
  1. Virus::
  2. Poop:
  3. Smart::
  4. Agent::
  5. Wrap::
  6. Brass::
  7. Waste of time::
  8. Suspicious::
  9. 360::
  10. Dummy::

    And better late than never, I say

  1. Virus::worm, email. Bird flu, outbreak and monkey
  2. Poop:shit
  3. Smart::arse
  4. Agent::Provocateur
  5. Wrap::Thats a
  6. Brass:: Bold as
  7. Waste of time::nothing
  8. Suspicious::minds
  9. 360::degrees
  10. Dummy::soother
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3 responses on Week 151

  1. Virus:: Anti
    Poop: scoop
    Smart:: drugs
    Agent:: Mulder
    Wrap:: ping paper
    Brass:: ed off
    Waste of time:: nothing ever is a
    Suspicious:: mind
    360:: Lost nearly a week somewhere
    Dummy:: run

  2. Virus:: outbreak
    Poop: People Order Our Patties (Spongebob)
    Smart:: Get
    Agent:: Cate Archer, No One Lives Forever PC Game
    Wrap:: Elmer Fudd's favorite music
    Brass:: Buckle
    Waste of time:: Aeon Flux
    Suspicious:: discerning
    360:: X-Box
    Dummy:: Crash test

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