Ultraviolet 1.05 – Terra Incognita dir. by

10 December 2005

Cast: , , ,
Rated :

The second last ever episode sees a bleeding refugee arrive in the UK from Brazil, turns out that he has been receiving special treatment from doctors for his haemophilia in Brazil, and now is looking for Dr. March, not Angie but her husband. Her husband who is dust in the “vampire-prison” after being taken.

vaughanNot only that but it turns out there are caskets being flown in. The squad manage to capture one, and set off in pursuit of the others.

Trouble is, it ends up being Vaughan who is trapped, locked in a building waiting for the caskets to automatically open and let the Code V’s suck his blood. Meanwhile back in HQ Pearse and Angela are interviewing their John Doe (Corin Redgrave) who protests that all that he and his kind want is peace. The refugee was a test case for their new synthetic blood. They don’t want this “war” to continue.

This is the first time we have really had the chance to see a vampire for more than a one-liner, and it serves to increase out doubts over the role of the squad. Are they doing the right thing? Can vampires and humans coexist? Are Code V’s the same people they were before they died?

We also get more hints of Vaughan’s feelings for Angela, and further developments with Kirsty and her journalist as they try and track down Mike.

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