There’s always someone careless with glass

11 December 2005

You know whats a bit strange. Coming out your front door and almost bumping into a gun.

There is a court opposite where I live, and must have had an exciting day, normally they just close off the street to traffic and a couple of Gardaí linger around. Yesterday the street was closed, the guards were there, and so too were loads of soldiers hanging about.

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1 Response

  1. NineMoons says:

    Yeah, I used to like that when I lived there. It was especially fun when I was coming out of Gar's with my coat over my PJs so I could get changed back home in Capel St and soldier boy would stand on the step of the building so I'd actually bang into them.
    Wonder who's on in the SCC at the moment? I was there during the Paul Ward era which meant extra high security.