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14 December 2005

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As viewers we may know Pompey’s fate[1] but Caesar is still in hot persuit, and turns up in Egypt, and is, well, lets just say a little upset to discover that what has happened the Former Consol Of Rome! Shame on the egyptians. Shame!

But there is also the fact that Egypt may be on the verge of a civil war, and since Rome needs the Egyptian grain, war is something that Caesar is determined to prevent. So he sends Mark Anthony home with half the legion, while he will stay to arbitrate between Ptolemy and his sister/wife Cleopatra.

Lamb is sent to find Cleopatra. Ptolemy’s advisers have told Caeser that they do not know where she is, but Caesar doesn’t believe them. Wise, as once he is out of the room they decide it would be best to kill her, her absence will clarify the situation. But this leads to Lamb spotting the would be princess-killers galloping across the desert where he and Chicken have been sweltering, and cursing the gods. Okay, Chicken was cursing the gods, I guess he didn’t learn anything. Lamb tries to tell him that it isn’t wise, even offers a bit of a history lesson, but our boy isn’t interested in the Mumped up Gypo land.

Of course they rescue Cleopatra, and Chicken even ends up “entering her”, but only after Lamb turned her down. Best orders I think Chicken ever recieved :)

She does eventually end up with Caesar, but first of all we cut to Rome, where Brutus and Cicero discuss events and bam! a year has passed. Cicero tries to plot and lure Brutus in, but Brutus seems to have had enough of politics[2] and Mark Anthony turns up to let them both know that he knows what busy little bees they have been. Great performance here from James Purefoy as he acts the lad, and then threatens so very easily, switching mood in a heartbeat.

He also reveals that Caesar has defeated Ptolemy and is master of all Egypt. And cutting back to Caeser himself we see his new son, or is it, in fact, a little Chicken?


NM aka IXLunas’ review


  1. decapitation
  2. that’ll change

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