Gee. If I wasn’t six years old and completely fictional, I’d be there like a shot. Oh, bitchcakes.

8 December 2005

Isn’t it strange how dreams can be so vivid for those few moments after you wake, but 20 mins (or3 hours later) and you really can’t remember anything about them? Cause last night I had a great dream, but now I don’t remember anything at all about it. So instead I bring you this pic:


you can get your own dream picture here, (via Ten Miles Beyond the City)

It appears that war has broken out on the bogosphere[1] The first skirmishes involved discussions of feminism and why some people were looking for more female Irish bloggers, and others declared they weren’t feminists and others said don’t be silly, of course you are, it is just your definition that is wrong.[2] And then humour was brought into the equation, although other people didn’t appreciate the humour.

So now, the only solution is a WMD accusation must be levelled at one of the antagonists, so all the others can unite in disapproval. We can even have sanctions[3] before one goes over the top and launches a unilateral hack-attack against a different blog, removing a random despot from their position as blogger and installing a pupp-a-blog.

Well, thats the only solution I can see.

Totally unrelated now, but who didn’t smile at the news that Man U lost last night. I’m not an ABU, in fact I’ll often vaguely cheer Man Utd on, but lately there has been so much crap going on there that I’m glad they aren’t doing too well.

And the budget was yesterday[4] Must find out how it impacts on my taxes.


  1. Irish blog-verse
  2. semantics eh?
  3. delinking and removal from blogroll
  4. although according to that website yesterday was the 7th of Dec 2006

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14 Responses

  1. anne says:

    So what was your keyword? And just how do you get a picture? My dreams were going on for ever, with no other possibility than to close the tab.

  2. Fence says:

    I did a few, this one is "wild horses" and they do go on forever, I just took a screen grab when I thought it looked interesting.

  3. NineMoons says:

    Where's the title from? It's bugging me…

  4. I entered 'Bogosphere catfight' into that dream thingy and a big message appeared saying 'You are right'.

    Yes! ;)

  5. Carl V. says:

    I see you've been reading Mr. Gaiman's blog as well! :)

  6. sally says:

    That is the only solution!

  7. banzai cat says:

    Hehe yeah bitchcakes.

    Sorry, I only recently read Gaiman's journal. Slow blog cat, that's me.

    P.S. pupp-a-blog? Hmmm, I can see you having a future in news reporting, fence. ;-)

  8. Fence says:

    As later comments have shown, the title in question is from Neil Gaiman's blog where he invited a fictional girl called Skippy to comment on some of his emails, a reimagining of his journal just as Winnie-the-pooh is to be reimagined and have a tomboy instead of Christopher Robin.

    Of course you are right UI (smile and nod, smile and nod)

    Indeed I have Carl. Its a daily stop for me.

    I'm glad you agree Sally, but as an "evil foreign" type we can only allow you to join in our Coalition of the Blinging(you will be awarded a shiny shiny star), not the actual offensive. Of course, depending on results your blog may be required to launch offensive trackbacks, and help rendition comments.

    Banzai, but the decision to be made is whether or not I'll be an embeded journo, or one of them 'loony lefty' anti-war meeja-types.

  9. Sinéad says:

    Was it really a bitchfest or all out war? I don't so at all. It wasjust an interesting discussion. If it had been men discussing and disagreeing on a issue, no one would have used the words dogfight! I wonder if male bloggers reported it so negatively because the blog focus is on female bloggers for a change. :)

  10. Fence says:

    A bitchfest, no. All out war, once UI got involved, maybe ;)
    It was an interesting discussion but I have to say if it had been fella's discussing similar "masculine-empowerment things" then it wouldn't've been called a dogfight (that has positive connotation surely), but maybe "whiney buggers"?

    And this post wasn't meant to actually be about this particular discussion at all, more of a look at how blog wars (so much more attention greabbing than discussions) can provide hours of entertainment.

  11. If it had been men bloggers aving a dispute I'm willing to wager a female blogger would have made a post saying, 'Boys will be boys'.

    You know it's true! :)

  12. Fence says:

    You are probably right UI, personally I think that if we are all equal we all deserve to get slagged equally

  13. Sinéad says:

    "You are probably right UI, personally I think that if we are all equal we all deserve to get slagged equally".
    Absolutely, come to think of it, blogging is a bit of saddo pastime, so we're all in that one together. :)

  14. Fence says:

    Saddo! Never. We will roole the world, L33T, and all that jazz.