The Brothers Grimm dir. by

17 November 2005

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Well, this’ll teach me not to keep offline copies of my reviews won’t it. The original had been eradicated from web-land, so my poor memory will have to come up with another review of this film.

I really enjoyed this film, possibly because I’d read so many bad reports and people giving out about it. Okay, so it wasn’t perfect, but it was more than entertaining. Ledger and Damon were good in their roles as brothers out to con their way through life. Maybe the Italian torture fella was a little over done, but I was in that sort of a mood and found him funny.

I loved the way the film opened in French occupied Germany, we don’t see that very often. Nor do we usually hear German peasants speaking with Northern English accents, but, weirdly enough, it works. Set in Napoleonic times the film contrasts the practical, sensible French with the romantic, gullible Germans. Will and Jacob have been pretending to fight magic and witchcraft across Germany, getting well paid for it, until the French catch them and send them off to capture whomever is playing their trick and stealing little girls.

As you may be able to guess, the person stealing the children is not a conman, and and Grimms have real magic to deal with.

Visually, I adored this film. The scene of the child sliding down the horse’s throat. Genius. The forest is very creepy, and fits the dark humoured atmosphere of the film.

All in all well worth watching.

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