“I think Niall Quinn is a creep”


The good people over at In Fact, Ah have put back up their clip of Dunphy on Keane. Makes for bloody addictive tv viewing. And highlights the fact that Roy Keane must be one of the most divisive topics in the Irish sporting world at the moment. Or ever.

Please note, the title of this post is not my opinion but a direct quote. If you have issues take it up with Dunphy :)

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingNow I’ve said it before, and I may say it again, I’m more on Keane’s side than against him. Was Keane right to say whatever it was he said in that interview? Depends on your perspective doesn’t it. If you put the team before everything than he was wrong. If however you value the truth then he was right.

Is it treachery to speak the truth? Or is it stupidity to give out and bring down the very team you are supposed to be working for? Surely saying that your team-mates are rubbish isn’t going to help any cause?

Have to say I agree with their statement that RTE provide some great pundits. I’m a huge fan of Brent Pope and George Hook’s rugby discussions. I may not always agree with them, but they are great to listen to.

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