But what if I appeared as if by magic?

7 November 2005

Had a very strange dream last night. Don’t ask me what it means, or why it featured ants – I don’t know. I wasn’t in it. Neither was anyone I knew. Instead it was a little like watching a film. There were dinosaurs. Huge big things, made of stone, but alive. And spaceships[1] And some evil spaceship destroying other spaceships. And then this teenager, who knew stuff. Quasi-mystical, only also computers[2] And he ended up on a spaceship, with the dinosaurs[3] Then the dream cut to an external shot, and the evil spaceship came zooming along.

And evil spaceship scanned the other one, which was round, and brown, but cool looking. And then fired on it. But not destroying it entirely.

Cut to inside and our teenage hero character dude is about to save the day…. with an ant computer? I don’t know. It was a dream. Only the bad guys had boarded the other ship, and almost captured our hero, who began to rearrange the ant-farms[4] in order to save the day. And just he was about to explain how and why a delivery truck outside the apartment woke me up. At 5.30 in the morning. Bloody annoyed I was. Cause once I spotted the clock all I could think about was the fact that I’d have to get up soon.

So, dream interpreters, start your engines.


  1. spaceships and dinosaurs, Wash would be happy
  2. but he looked nothing at all like Anakin
  3. I know I already said they were huge, but think bigger, so now I’m wondering exactly how big these ships were
  4. there were four or five, all hooked up together in a specific order

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