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12 October 2005


adam BaldwinSo I’ve been downloading Lost, and have eps 1 and 2 of season two. I know, I know, bad me for all that illegal stuff, but I’ll end up watching it when it comes out over here, maybe. But as well as Lost I also went a-hunting for The Inside, and could only find episode 4 and later. So I borrowed 4 as a tester. And yes, to see Mr. Baldwin.[1]

Can someone explain to me why interesting shows die? And formulaic, uninspiring, dull shows live on? Hopefully The Inside will be released on dvd at some stage so I can purchase it. Tim Minear.net says that there are six unaired episodes as well as however many got shown. Must go look for more this evening.

Then again, the episode I watched might be a one-off. For the few among you who may have seen the show (anyone?) it was about a kid’s murder. An 8 year old called Harry. Found dead in a swimming pool.


  1. – not too sure about his hair in this though

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8 Responses

  1. NineMoons says:

    I came into work today and I keep opening my mouth to say "Did anyone see that great episode of The Inside last night?" But of course, no-one did. Sigh. Twas great.

  2. Anne says:

    Love your title. I think I love all your titles. Sigh. ;)

  3. Fence says:

    NM, after doing a little research I discovered there are 13 episodes in all. And they were made to make two pilots (at least according to imdb) sound like anything else?
    Also seems to have been a lot of compalints about it from Parents groups, deeming it unsuitable for their children. Which would be true, but it wasn't aimed at children now was it.

    Anne, I can take credit for none of my titles. They are all from elsewhere. Although it is my brilliance :twisted: that chooses them. This one is actually a quote from Tim Minear, the man responsible for The Inside and many an episode of Buffy and Angel, and Firefly.

  4. Alan says:

    In a previous job I had to monitor press releases from Neilson (the people who do the TV ratings in the US) and it was full of these complete balls-ups by TV companies. The most famous was about a show called Freaks & Geeks. This was a teen show along the lines of Dawsons Creek or the OC. Someone at the TV company decided it was a loser, so they shoved it into a late evening slot (when teens are not watching) on a Saturday (when teens are not watching) opposite a number of hit shows. Of course it failed and was cancelled. Then it went into syndication, gained a huge following, garnered enormous praise from the critics and was picking up higher ratings than the networks. They were getting piles of inquiries from advertisers wantings slots in the second series, except there wasn't going to be a second series because after they cancelled it all the cast went off and signed contracts to do other things and they couldn't get enough of them back to make it viable. An object lesson on why TV execs should never be allowed to decide programming.

  5. anne says:

    My point exactly, Fence. :)

  6. Fence says:

    I remember Freaks and Geeks. Was funny.

    I'm telling you people, when I take over the world… not that I have intricate plans or nuffink, 'onest guv'nor (no I've no idea about the accent either, but what can you do)

  7. Heather says:

    Finally! I remember where I have seen this guy! It's been bugging me ever since you put him way up there! He was on the X-Files! Yes! Finally!! :oops:

  8. Fence says:

    You could have asked :)
    He was also in Full Metal Jacket, Independence Day and more than a few others.