J’ai repris mon arme

1 October 2005

So I’ve discovered why I like Firefly so much. You know, apart from the storyline, characters and acting :)

Because the film is coming out soon, or is already out depending on where you live, there is a shit load of reviews and interviews floating around the web. And in one super-long, 9,500 word long transcript Joss covers a hell of a lot of subjects.

“I would say about the movie that it is very political, but it’s not partisan. And I think the curse, right now, of the politics of our nation is that a line has been drawn down the middle of our country — and that’s not actually how the human mind works”

Now obviously I don’t always dislike the whole good vs. evil storyline, otherwise I wouldn’t enjoy many of the fantasy novels that I read. But I do always prefer a less black and white viewpoint.[1]


  1. And hence my nick

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