Going Postal by

16 October 2005

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Moist Von Lipwig has just become Postmaster General, even escaped death to do so, the only problem is that the Post Office is more than a little run down. And full to bursting point with undelivered letters. Not to mention the fact that the previous Postmasters had an unfortunate habit of turning up dead.

If you’ve enjoyed any of the Discworld novels you should enjoy this one. It has all the Pratchett humour, and footnotes, and it also has a wonderful leading man in Moist. You can’t help but enjoy this read.

And like most of Pratchett’s books this isn’t simply a funny fantasy book. We do have that element, but we also have the redemption story of Moist. And of course, the social-commentary aspect. All comine together to form an unputdownable addition to the Discworld ‘verse.

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