Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege

I’m guessing most people out there are familiar with muppets. Those puppet type things, well they aren’t what I’m taking about when I say muppet[1] Oh no! when I say muppet I mean “you feckin’ fool you”.

So from now on, instead of saying “you fool” say “ya muppit” [2] and you too can sound like a slightly pissed off Irish person. Course, it can also be said in a teasing manner, just like any other term of abuse, you know the way “you fucker” can mean “you’re great, aren’t you”

Anyways, in other news, remember that giant bruise, well you’ll all be happy to hear/read that it is almost entirely gone now, slightly yellow and fading.[3]
Also, may not be posting tomorrow, am heading up to Daaaaaawda[4] to see NM and, hopefully, Copper-Copper, and maybe fix NM’s vidjo so she can record Rome on Wed while we are at the pub. Which reminds me missus, what’s the story[5] with tmro and the trip, You been in touch with herself?

And finally, will have to watch the highlights of the second and final International Match today. We lost, hugely, but when RTE’s report includes sentences like:

the contest degenerate into violence, a litany of dangerous tackling and late challenges marring the Telstra Dome tie. … [Australia’s] superb footballing display in the first Test in Perth was overshadowed by some shameful incidents in the deciding leg. …

how can I stay away?


  1. okay, I’ve typed that too many times in too short a span, looks like some wierd word that makes no sense now.
  2. in a slightly Dublin accent sounds best I think?
  3. just like to keep my readers up to date with all that’s going on
  4. Drogheda
  5. Another Irish phrase that I’m sure you can figure out

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