There’s a ghost on the horizon

7 September 2005

When I heard that Antony and the Johnsons won the mercury I didn’t recognise the name. But their song (Hope There’s Someone) was on the radio this morning, with many many people going on about how no one had ever heard it, and I discovered I did actually know it. Ray has been playing it for a while now on Todayfm. It’s strange, but I like it. Don’t know if I’d buy the album though.

As for everyone going on about Coldplay not winning it. Well I hate their “I can fix you song”. At first I was ambivalent, but then I listened to the lyrics. Is it just me who doesn’t want to be fixed?

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10 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    Did anyone think Coldplay were going to win it? I was surprised they were even nominated. I figured it was supposed to be a prize for innovative music, not "more of the bloody same". The papers here were tipping Kaiser Chiefs to win. Can't say I know anything by Antony and the Johnsons but, hey, it's gotta be better than Coldplay!

  2. Fence says:

    Most of the money was on the Kaiser Chiefs, but there was a bit of talk about Coldplay on sky news this morning.

    I'm glad an "unknown" won it. Like you, I always thought it was a prize for the different and the new.

  3. Anne says:

    We still haven't "got" the Kaiser Chiefs over here. I have no idea who Antony and the Johnsons are, and I actually kind of like the Coldplay song that's playing these days (but indeed, I have never actually listened to the lyrics, because I don't really care that much).
    We had a bit of an uproar in France once because somebody completely unknown won a music award, and it turned out she was… close friends… with the ceremony producer. Only in France… ;)

  4. Carl V. says:

    I'm not sure the lyrics are the greatest but I have to admit that I like the Coldplay 'fix' song.

  5. NineMoons says:

    I hate the video. The song is OK, though I'm not a big Coldplay fan and I don't like the idea of some fecker trying to 'fix' me. Especially not that wanker. Fix yourself, Chris! But the video is so full of self-love, it's disgusting. He wanders around, whining as usual, then turns up in the middle of a Coldplay concert and everyone adores him and sings his song. Self-indulgent wanking.

  6. Fence says:

    Not seen the vidjo, so can't comment on that.

    Anne, all coldplay songs sound vaguely the same.

    Carl, I'll just have to shake my head in your general direction

  7. j_yates_uk says:

    My money was on Seth Lakeman… he had the best album this year…

  8. Fence says:

    Seth Lakeman, the name is vaguely familar, but I can't think of any songs off the top of my head. I'll have a browse round web-land and see if I can hear a snippet or two later on.

  9. j_yates_uk says:…. i think you can hear some samples at this site…

  10. Fence says:

    I'll have to investigate that at a later time. Am in work, so no can listen at the mo