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10 September 2005

Well I said yesterday that I was heading off to Sligo today. Meant to catch the lunch time train. Even got up in time and everything, but then I just couldn’t be arsed to go. So instead I watched some Battlestar Galactica. Just bought the series on Thursday, and it is quite good. I watched a few episodes when it was on the telly, but it is so arc-y that you can’t afford to miss an episode.

As the title may suggest, I don’t really have anything to say in the post, but seeing as tomorrow is the All-Ireland hurling finals you can go and check out one American’s view on the Clash of the Ash.

Also, anyone from Belfast might like to know that you can go see an advance screening of Serenity on Sept. 20th. I’d go, only I start my new job the day before and really can’t take time off that soon. Check out cantstopthesignal.co.uk for more details, and a list of places to see the film in the UK.

If you are feeling creative you can pop by the Story crossing site and add a section to the untitled story in progress, or start one of your own.

I’ll be back on Tues, or maybe Wed. Now, off to finish packing.

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3 Responses

  1. sally says:

    Hey, good luck with the first day of work! Even if it is next week…

  2. Anne says:

    It's Wednesday. Not that I'm waiting.

  3. Fence says:

    Thanks Sally.

    Anne, your point ?