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16 September 2005

As you are, of course, aware I was offline for a few days there while I was in Sligeach[1] and just before I left I came across a podcast called The Signal. You may, or may not know, that that refers to the Serenity tagline, you can’t stop the signal. Anways, I’d never listened to a podcast before, and wasn’t going to bother with this either. Seemed kinda weird to just listen to people while on the internet. But then I noticed that they had interviews with Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres and Ron Glass among others, so I figured I’d download a couple of shows and listen while I was on the train. I could always switch off if it was crap.

Glad to report that it wasn’t. I really really enjoyed it. And I ended up listening to all their episodes on the train journey up and back, plus I finished off number nine yesterday while shopping. And today I found that number 10 is out. So if you like Firefly you might be interested in checking The Signal out.

You’ll have noticed I mentioned shopping, well I bought some clothes, but that is boring cause they are for work. But the interesting purchases were DVDs. Got some vouchers as a leaving present from my last job so splashed out yesterday and bought

  • Ladyhawke
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Open Water
  • The Princess Bride
  • Dodgeball
  • Gladiator (the new three disc edition to replace my vid-jo copy)


  1. that’s Sligo in Irish. Don’t say I’m not informative

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16 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    Dodgeball… wonder why… Have you seen Mr. & Mrs. Smith? I thought of you the whole time (but the movie itself – well, the second half – is pretty crap).

  2. Fence says:

    With Pitt & Jolie? Yup. Was okay, better than I expected, but of course I expected total and utter shite so it really only had to be very mildly entertaining to be better than that :)

    As for why Dodgeball? Well it was in the 3 for 30 section :) Nothing to so with a certain Mr Vaughn at all at all

  3. Alan says:

    My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to Die. Now, offer me money.

    Good choice! But you didn't already own it. Inconceivable! (I do not think that means what you think that means)

  4. Fence says:

    You know Alan I've been wanting to buy The Princess Bride for ages, but kept waiting until a special edition dvd would be released. Doesn't look like it is going to happen, but now, even if it does I can still buy it and not really have it cost me any extra money

  5. LiVEwiRe says:

    Inigo Montoya was a fabulous character! Mandy Patinkin has a new show coming out but I will forever see him as that character. And Ladyhawke – haven't seen it in ages yet it remains one of my favorites. Rutger Hauer is pretty amazing. Glad you found some fun stuff for yourself!

  6. NineMoons says:

    My sister went to the fencing club in UCD a few years back (in the first few weeks of term before she developed the new hobby of snaring the boy who lived upstairs. Reader, she married him) and she said that everyone spent most of their time saying things like "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." and other stuff from famous swordfights.

  7. Fence says:

    Yup to the fun stuff, just watched Dodgeball. That is one strange, but good, film.

  8. weenie says:

    Ladyhawke – a classic. Those were the days when Rutger Hauer was still good looking… :)

  9. NineMoons says:

    See also Blade Runner. Young(er) Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer.

  10. Heather says:

    Hmmm…I think I have a special edition Princess Bride. Perhaps it's only available in America? Anyway, LOVE that movie and Dodgeball. I love anything with Mr. Vaughn.

  11. Fence says:

    I'd almost even watch Be Cool again because of Mr Vaughn, but then again, naw

  12. banzai cat says:

    Cool choices for DVDs. I would so love to watch Ladyhawke and The Princess Bride again. Two of the best fantasy movies around.

    And since this was the only post that you mentioned Serenity, did you know we had a special screening here already? Though haven't seen an ep of Firefly, my interest is seriously piqued by the recommendations. ;-)

    Check out this girl's blog for a peek at the local brown-coat scene:

  13. Fence says:

    I haven't gotten around to watching The Princess Bride again yet, but I will soon. Loved my rewatching of Ladyhawke though.

    Banzai, I obviously haven't been mentioning Serenity and Firefly enough if this is my only post :) I'll be upping my Serenity-pimping.
    I managed to catch the Irish advance screening, but I so want to go see the film again. I've two reviews up, one is password protected and full of details, the other is Spoiler-free. And as for you not seeing any of the episodes, well, you are missing out there :)

  14. NineMoons says:

    Sweet girl, I think the reason we haven't been mentioning Serenity much is because we don't wanna spoil people. It's so hard not to! Also maybe because we don't want to make people feel left out. If you're on, IM me.

  15. banzai cat says:

    Oh, don't worry, I know how much Serenity is plugged here. :-)

    Hopefully, I can find DVD copies of the show. I doubt that they'll ever get around to showing Firefly here. :-(

  16. Fence says:

    You know I was in HMV a while back, and saw that they had Firefly for 30 quid. For some weird reason I was tempted to buy another set. Madness, seeing as I have so many other things to spend my non-existent money on :)