Last Days dir. by

4 September 2005

Cast: , , ,
Rated :

William Pitt as Blake

Opening with a scene of Blake stumbling and mumbling his way through the woods this film almost always looks great and interesting. Unfortunately it isn’t. It is a boring, one-note tale of a “rock and roll” cliche that never engages with the audience. Blake mutters and grunts to himself throughout the film, very rarely saying anything at all recognisable and the other characters seem to spend most of their time in bed.

Van Sant also retells certain aspects of the story from different points of view, but all he succeeds in doing is confusing his story. Maybe if I had actually been interested in what was going on I might have paid more attention and so figured out exactly what was what. As it was I was simply waiting for the end, and watching as many people left the cinema never to return.

I did stay until the end, and so got to see the little this is not Cobain, but some aspects of the story are based on his final days statement. But I really didn’t care.

Throughout the film I simply felt annoyed by these pointless characters. Not worth watching. However, I did like the music used, although at one point I was very frustrated watching the slowest, longest zoom out in the history of films. I just felt it was pointlessly arty.

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