Devil’s Cub by

6 September 2005

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ISBN: 0099465833
This is the sequel to These Old Shades, and deals with the Duke of Avon’s son; the Marquis of Vidal. He is as much a rake as his father was before, so of course we can expect to see him settled down and happily married by the end.

Heyer does not disappoint.
In a way if you’ve read one Regency Romance by Heyer, you’ve read them all. But despite being quite certain of the end result, you cannot help but enjoy the melodrama.

Vidal is quite the duellist, but when he fights one too many his father asks him to leave the country in order to let the fuss die down a little. While not exactly what Vidal wants, he does respect his father, and so obeys. But not without bringing a little fun along, in the form of Sophia Challoner. Trouble is that Miss Challoner, Sophia’s older sister, is determined that her sister not be ruined in this fashion. She sets out to stop the Marquis but only succeeds in being abducted herself.

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