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17 September 2005

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I caught the mini-series when it showed on SkyOne last year, but missed a few of episodes of the series itself, and because the storyline is so involved I didn’t really make and effort to watch the others in the series. But the dvd caught my eye, and I had quite liked the mini-series, so I picked it up.

Starting where the mini-series left off, so if you haven’t seen those you might be a little lost, Battlestar Galactica is very different from the original series of the 70’s, and is all the better for it. BSG has many of sci-fi’s big issues. It has the possible end of humanity, starships, battles in space, robots, what makes a human, it even brings up faith vs. reason.

Well-written and well acted I really enjoy the series, and will buy season two when it comes out. Yet, at the same time, I never really engaged with any of the characters. Many have issues to deal with that should make you feel for them, but they just weren’t given enough character time to deal with.

But by the end of the series they had started to develop more and more into interesting people, but still not really likeable.
And they had toned down the special camera effects that were over-done (imo) in the mini-series. And the other major problem is the sound in space. After Firefly I’d become accustomed to silence in space. But BSG didn’t go down that route, and while I didn’t mind the “laser” fights and even the explosions, but hearing the engines really bugged me.

Although the way the ships themselves moved was great. And the cylons themselves are a huge improvement over the originals.

Overall the series is well worth watching.

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