A paperclip can be a wondrous thing



  1. Sky were having a vote to decide which "cutest Jack episode" of Stargate to show tonight. Didn't care enough to watch but still.
    I'd like Duncan McLeod as PotUS. Wisdom, experience, hair, immortality… The man has it all.

  2. Fence

    I dunno, I never thought Macgyver was cute. Cool with his gadgets though.

    As for Jack, hmmmm, not cute in a "cute" way, but cute in a character way.

    What about Methos (how do you spell his name) after all he is into pacificism isn't he?

  3. NineMoons

    Methos really only looks out for Methos. I don't think he'd been into the personal sacrifices that would (probably) be necessary to run a country well. But McLeod is all about the greater good.

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