Still Sharpe

7 August 2005

CHAMPIONMARESThis week, apart from going home and then going to the rds and watching the purty hosses, I’ve mainly been watching Sharpe. (Anne, you can switch off now :) not only are they set during the world vs france wars of the 1800’s but they star Sean Bean).
I’ve read a few of the books by Bernard Cornwell and they are okay. Great stories, but the writing isn’t too fab. Then again, it isn’t supposed to be. He tells a rattling good yarn and the books are very readable.

Likewise the films (made for ITV) aren’t anything profound, but they are good viewing. Watched one of the extra, and they only had 30 days to film each film. 30 days! Not very long at all is it precious? And watching them the fact that they probably didn’t have a great budget is evident. But still, very enjoyable. And, I hear that there is a new one possibly to be made.

“I have been contacted by the producers very recently, and am pleased to be able to update you as follows.

“The producers of Sharpe, director Tom Clegg and production staff are in Rajestan, India at present for 8 days doing a recce for the latest Sharpe film, Sharpe’s Challenge. Whilst there is still some way to go, we are now hopeful that all should be well, and shooting should take place towards the end of 2005.”

This new film is NOT based on any novels by Bernard Cornwell, but will be a completely new story by a scriptwriter

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4 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    Did that on purpose, didn't you? ;)

  2. Fence says:

    But … but … but, there was an Anne warning in there….


  3. weenie says:

    The Sharpe series is fab – Bean is an excellent hero, believable and looks nice in uniform too! ;) Have read a couple of Cornwell's books – ok, but not really my cuppa tea. Have a few of the episodes on DVD but would like to get the whole series.

  4. Fence says:

    Bean is Sharpe.

    And I think Cornwell said as much in some interview. he even dedicated one of the Sharpe books to Sean Bean because he thought he was true to the character