Salmon of Knowledge

25 August 2005

The source of much knowledge directed me off to this place where I could discover my unusual name. Course, I always thought that Fence as a name was pretty unusual, but what do I know
Farida – Precious Gem (Arabic)
Colour- Green
Element – Air
Emotion – Independance
Stone – Emerald
Weather – Rain
Animal – Squirell

Which Unusual Name Suits You?
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via – I am following my fish

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4 Responses

  1. Carl V. says:

    I was Farida as well. Thought the squirrel was funny for the animal portion after the recently cool bit about squirrels in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  2. Fence says:

    I thought it was funny that they got the spelling wrong, I mean if you are going to do something that many, many people might see.. then again I never spellcheck and I know millions ;) come by here

  3. Carl V. says:

    They do, and then they all email me and say "Fence can't spell worth shite"….or those affecting an Irish accent do anyway!

  4. Fence says:

    Well once they know, I guess I'm not spreading my lack of knowledge