I see said the blindman

25 August 2005

So the interview was weird. Not really an interview at all, just a chat about what the job would be like. The advert wasn’t all that clear of the exact position and details you know. But library man[1] was quite nice, very chatty, I barely got to say anything at all. What he did say sounds in one way really good, and in another a bit hmmmm.

It is a small library, stock of 10 thou or so, and if I did get the job I’d be in charge. The Librarian! [2] Which would be kindof a big step up. But a cool one. I don’t think I’ll get the job though, lack of experience at that level. But here’s hoping. There’d be another “chat” involved as well.

Course the wonderful thing happened before the interview even began. I’d looked at the weather before leaving – it was sunny – and decided not to wear a coat, and then not to bring an umbrella. Oh dear.

All went well until I got to the square. I was a bit early, I’d expected to be, so took a stroll in the park. Only for the sun to totally disapear and it started to lash. And of course I was way over the far side of the park. So I ran[3] to shelter under a tree. Along with a whole load of other people who were out on lunch, urgently making calls explaining why they might be late back.

I eventually made a move, got soaked, but it could have been worse :)


  1. do i need to come up with a better pseudonym for him?
  2. no, not an orangutan, I can say more than ook
  3. in a way I ran, I was wearing heels, so its that funny sort of run you do when you aren’t exactly sure if you are going to fall over or not

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5 Responses

  1. sally says:

    Fence, when do you find out about the job?

  2. Fence says:

    Not quite sure. There will probably be another round of interviews/chats. He said I'd get a call tomorrow or early next week.

  3. Anne says:

    Go néirí an tádh leat, then!
    I won't keep my fingers crossed, because it has this bizarre counter-productive effect… but I hope you get it…!

  4. Fence says:

    I guess the bookmarking worked then Anne? and thanks.

  5. weenie says:

    Fingers crossed! :)