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4 August 2005

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ISBN: 0552552097Eragon is the story of a boy and his dragon, and his quest to save the world. In a way, I suppose, it is a usual fantasy story. It has the magic, the unimportant village child who turns out to be special, the older wise guide who also turns out to be more than he appeared. There is also the journey part, the being hounded by evil. The strict definition of good and evil.

Lets just say it hits a lot of cliches.

Despite that it is still an entertaining story. There are a lot of clichés, and influences from other books can be seen. But this is a book written by a teenager, it isn’t meant to be anything fantasticaly original or subversive.

Overall it is a pleasant enough read, nothing that special, but nothing terrible either. I’ll probably continue on with the series.

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