Can’t miss a place you’ve never been



  1. Fence

    Thanks all.

    And Mish your best bet is to try and get a job a library assistant somewhere, or look out for a trainee gradute-ship. That is where I got my year's experience before I headed off to UCD, plus it means you are automatically in and don't have to worry about another interview. There are a couple of places that have them, the National Library of Ireland, the IMI.

    Just keep checking the papers, and get friends to check to, just in case you miss anything

  2. Fence

    Just be prepared for a really, really, really boring year when you do get on the course. I was fine up until Xmas, but from then on the year just dragged. This despite the fact that I didn't manage to make it into the library once after Xmas.

  3. Ay second the sympathy. Mebbe there's a better job waiting for you?

    Though I envy you people. Round here libraries are kinda scarce unless you go to the schools. Unfortunately, you can only get in if you have an ID card. *sigh*

  4. Fence


    Course now I have to use my mental powers and persuade the person who got the job to decide not to take it. Then I shall get a phone call :)
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