Eva Levine is a half-demon half-witch who also happens to be dead. She’s not in heaven, not in hell, just in the afterlife. Or at least the one that supernatural beings go to after they die. She is also a little preoccupied with keeping an eye on her daughter, Savannah, although being dead she has no way at all of protecting her, talking to her, or ever getting in contact.

I need another W00t!

Remember Mr. Library man? Do ye? Well he gave me a call. Person who they offered the job to turned it down. I didn’t ask why. So… yes, he offered it to me. I haven’t quite accepted yet, well I have pretty much, but tomorrow I go chat with him and get a little trained […]

I am overthrown

There are times in life when one really despairs of mankind[1] . Today I went to see The Dukes of Hazzard. In a way I was looking for a shite film. I mean, after Serenity any film was bound to suffer, but OMFG Dukes is the worst excuse for entertainment I have seen in a […]

The Dukes of Hazzard

This doesn’t even deserve the title of film. A film has a story, a plot, characters! It entertains. This, this monster is just plain boring. Worst film ever! Yes, I’ve seen The Avengers, and The Pacifier. This thing is worse than anything I’ve seen Not even the car chases were entertaining. Piece of crap. No […]

The Reverse of the Medal

Book 11
ISBN: 0006499260

Someone mentions Jack Aubrey and at once you think of sea battles and naval history, you may not think of Stock Exchange frauds and court cases, but that is exactly what we have here. Of course there is some sea action, this book takes up after Master and Commander, so even if you only saw the film you have a rough idea of what to expect.. Aubrey and the crew of the Surprise have been off protecting whalers and most of this book is set either on their way home, or back in England.

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Did anyone else play the ball game sevens? You had to bounce a ball against a wall and do various tricks and whatnot? Well this isn’t the same :) Janine tagged me so I guess I’ll play along. All my sevens are in no particular order, and no one who is tagged has to play […]

Can’t miss a place you’ve never been

Good news, or bad news. Which do you want first? I always like to hear the bad news first, because the good seems better, so thats the way I’m going to write this post :) Bad: I didn’t get the job. Library Man rang this morning to say thanks for coming by but we’ve chosen […]

Salmon of Knowledge

The source of much knowledge directed me off to this place where I could discover my unusual name. Course, I always thought that Fence as a name was pretty unusual, but what do I know Farida – Precious Gem (Arabic) Colour- Green Element – Air Emotion – Independance Stone – Emerald Weather – Rain Animal […]

I see said the blindman

So the interview was weird. Not really an interview at all, just a chat about what the job would be like. The advert wasn’t all that clear of the exact position and details you know. But library man[1] was quite nice, very chatty, I barely got to say anything at all. What he did say […]

Serenity dir. Joss Whedon


This is the non-spoiler review. Spoiler review is down below. The password is the name of The planet. If you’ve seen the film you should know what planet I’m talking about. If not, then email me fencesitter at gmail dot com Remember that episode of The Simpsons where the teachers (I think) put on a […]