Oh! ma ma ma, oh! ma ma ma, oh! ma ma ma

1 July 2005

Bit of a round-up post today. No webland access at work. We sat there all day, doing nothing, waiting for the electricity to go off. Until 3.00, when it finally went dark and we all went on an hour long coffee break, only for it to come back just before half four, so we didn’t actually get to go home early.

Anyways, mernember that zombie dogs story? Well, it seems to be true and here’s the abstract for you to read, if you want.

Was over at TCAL and they posted a link to an editorial in the New York Times going on about how great Ireland is (yeah! we rock!). I don’t agree with some of it, but other parts make sense.

In case you are wondering the title is from Mundy’s July, just because it is the first of July today.

July please,
I’m on my knees,
The smell of your fresh cut grass,
Your blue sky grins
For all its sins
Look another gorgeous levi ass
July people come and go
It looks like another perfect day
Just to see your
Striptease show
July please try your best to stay
And a mongrel begins to bark
At a wino in the park
and his owner doesn’t care
’cause he really isn’t there…

Oh! ma ma ma,oh! ma ma ma,oh! ma ma ma
My july(x2)

July,fizz bombs in my mouth,
Babarama everywhere,
I can’t lie on my pocket trout
So I sit back in the easy chair
And a woman of middle age
Licks and thumbs annother page
Then she brushes off the dirt
From her greyhound skirt(and all the boys go)


And a baby sucks its thumb
To the sound of a steel drum
And fountain water gush
Through the thick bull rush(everybody)


You can hear some here

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