Batman Begins [based on comics] by dir. by

4 July 2005

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Cast: , , , , ,
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Ignore all the previous films, this is new Batman origin film. And we get it all, from the fall down the well to the parents being gunned down in an alley. There is the training, the gadgets, and a batmobile like you’ve never seen before

When I first saw the trailers I didn’t really care much one way or the other. After The Machinist I wasn’t really all that looking forward to seeing Bale in anything for a while. I mean his acting in that was great, but he just made me uncomfortable.

He is a lot different in this film.

First off has has really bulked up, and although you don’t really go OMG look at the size of him, he does carry off the physical aspects of batman. You never think he mightn’t be able to handle himself, even when faced with Liam Neeson.

The other actors all did pretty well, even if Morgan Freeman does seem to playing the “knowledgable old man” a lot, and Neeson the “mentor”. Caine was great, as was Oldman. But I don’t like Holmes, still she didn’t annoy me half as much as I’d feared.

Let’s get back to that batmobile. It was great, which I really didn’t expect. I mean I saw it on Top Gear and thought “that’s not sleek and sexy. It isn’t a batmobile”. I was wrong. It fits this version of Batman perfectly. It just keeps going, no matter what.

As I mentioned, I wasn’t that impressed by the trailers, and I think it was the martial arts scenes in it that put me off. I thought they’d go all eastern philosophy on the story, but they didn’t. Instead it threatened to become more of a fascist movement. And I got to worry about Batman becoming a totally right-wing violence loving destroyer.

It didn’t quite come to that. Instead we got our broody, moody, dark knight. And how could I not mention that fear poison. Loved those scenes.

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