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She stared out the window, heavy black clouds filled the sky, and she sighed. The sky is weeping. Her eyes widened as she heard herself spea [...]

Fantastic Four

If you go to this film expecting anything but a light entertainment film you will be disappointed. Luckily enough, I wasn’t really hop [...]

Are you right there, Father Ted?

Was browsing over on the Irish Independent's site (reg or

They’re ba-ack

My blacklisting of comments with casino-related terms must have worked, because no more of me having to mark them as spam. No more of them f [...]

Lost – All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issue

You know Lost is starting to bug me. The storylines are interesting and the mysterious island is a great device. Throwing all these people t [...]

Participation required

All you US-ian Shrek fans, or non-fans, and non-US-ians, I’ve a question. How popular a name is Fiona, in your opinion. Just wondering [...]

The Pacifier

Terrible, terrible film. But then again we already knew that from the poster didn’t we. And the premise was horrible. I blame Copper-c [...]

Subverting fantasy!?

Do you know why I really hate labels[1], especially genre labels? Well it is because everyone has their own definition of what fits a certai [...]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

ISBN: 0747581088SPOILERS for book 5, NOT for this book. Book six in the series and I really should have reread number 5 before this one but [...]
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