She stared out the window, heavy black clouds filled the sky, and she sighed. The sky is weeping. Her eyes widened as she heard herself speak. How overly melodramatic I am. There was the soft sound of breath leaving her body as she gently sighed again, before she persuaded herself to leave the window seat.

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Fantastic Four

If you go to this film expecting anything but a light entertainment film you will be disappointed. Luckily enough, I wasn’t really hoping for anything much. I don’t know much about the Fantastic Four, apart from seeing one or two of the cartoon episodes, and knowing that The Incredibles kinda stole their thunder a little. […]

They’re ba-ack

My blacklisting of comments with casino-related terms must have worked, because no more of me having to mark them as spam. No more of them filling up my inbox asking to be moderated. Trouble is, they’ve now been replaced. By transexual spam. Joy of joys! Nothing like signing into gmail and seeing 30 “Please Moderate” […]

Lost – All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issue

You know Lost is starting to bug me. The storylines are interesting and the mysterious island is a great device. Throwing all these people together, the never knowing quite what to expect. All interesting and promising much. But despite this I often just don’t care what happens. Maybe it is down to Jack. I’ve said […]

The Pacifier

Terrible, terrible film. But then again we already knew that from the poster didn’t we. And the premise was horrible. I blame Copper-copper for asking me did I want to go. Shane Wolfe is a navy seal who ends up babysitting some kids as their mother heads off to Switzerland to try and gain access […]

Subverting fantasy!?

Do you know why I really hate labels[1], especially genre labels? Well it is because everyone has their own definition of what fits a certain label, and they are only aware of what they know. Yet this lack of knowledge doesn’t stop them from commenting on the rest of their genre, or their relation to […]


So Fri. was NineMoons last day at work before she disappears into a haze of studying and exams. So as is usual she had a bit of a night out. I only turned up to the pub (where that stairs comes from) at 8, she and her work cronies had been there since around 6. […]


Woke up this morning, and Tom Dunne was playing James Blunt. You know “You’re Beautiful”.

First time I heard that song I didn’t care one way or the other, but OMFG please someone shoot it!

Now “I don’t know what to do” because it is stuck in my head, despite having listened to another 40 minutes of random songs on the radio. I heard it at 8 o’clock, it is now almost 12, and still it is going round and round my head.

This must be what going mad feels like.

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What’s left if our freedom is sold?

I usually don’t listen to the radio on the way home from work[1], but because of the attacks in London I did today. Luckily, they aren’t anywhere near the scale of the previous explosions. While listening I heard Matt Cooper talking about some treaty that McDowell has signed, allowing American agents to operate in Ireland. […]