Sin City [based on comic] by dir. by , ,

7 June 2005

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It is hard to know how to describe this film, I suppose I could say that Sin City has three stories, each based on a different graphic novel by Miller. Or that it is just an experiment in style and how to make a film look original.

The film opens with soon-to-retire cop Hartigan (Willis) as he attempts to save 11 year old Nancy Callahan from rape and death. I’m guessing you’ve figured out it isn’t a fluffy-bunny film right? Because there is a hell of a lot of violence. In the main it is fairly cartoony, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have impact, and there are a few scenes that’ll make anyone wince.

I’ve read a few people saying that this is an example of style over substance, I’d disagree. I think that the style was the substance. The corny dialogue, the pulpy feel, the voice-overs, they all combined to give the film very original and striking look and feel. It created a world where the various vengeance fuelled violent rampages are almost accepted, where was can accept Merv as almost unkillable.

Also, for fans of the original comic Sin City, this is supposed to be a very faithful interpretation, even shooting certain scenes exactly as they were in the book.

The quibble: those awful, horrendous Oirish accents!! I mean, wtf? I get that all the dialogue was cliche-ridden, and full of clunkers, that was part of the style, but those Irish mercenaries were just plain laughable. I know laughing at them made the world of Sin City less real for me.

Apart from that though this is a really good film. The Clive Owen story dragged a little for me, not Owen’s fault, just that the story didn’t interest me as much as the other two. I thought that all the main actors did a great job, you’ll never look at Frodo Baggins in the same light

Why is it that “tough guys�? always have to have those whispering gravelly voices?

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