Mr & Mrs Smith dir. by

27 June 2005

Genre: ,
Cast: , , ,
Rated :

I really didn’t think that this film would be all that great. The trailers made it look silly, stupid, and highly annoying. But then I saw a couple of positive seeming reviews, and there was nothing else on so decided to head along. Turns out that, yes, it is a silly, stupid film, but an entertaining one. Very far from annoying.

You probably know the basic plot? Husband and wife, both spy-killer types, but neither know the other’s secret identity until they go up against one another. Violence then ensues.

This could very easily have been rubbish, the trailers show that. But the comedy is very well done. Full of one-liners and great comic moments, the film makes good use of the actors, Pitt is surprisingly funny. After this and Snatch maybe he should stick to comedy roles?

Fast-moving and action packed, it isn’t one to think about. Just enjoy the mindless, almost comic violence, the verbal attacks and the pretty people.

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