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How bad can it get?

So Wed. are pretty bad tv-wise. Come to think of it, the whole week is pretty bad for tv that […]

Edward Gorey

I’d never heard of him before I paid a visit to Ten Miles today. Some great links there, including this […]

Who here can say OTT?

Last Sat. saw the first test match between the British and Irish Lions and the New Zealand All Blacks. I […]

They were how old?

Alive in Limerick gives a synopsis of the attack on a couple, and the subsequent gang-rape of a woman in Limerick which is back in the news because of the sentencing of Stephen Barry to 21 years in prison.

Lazarus the dog?

I’m guessing that, if this is true, the scientists involve wish the headline writers were shot Boffins create zombie dogs. […]

Mr & Mrs Smith

I really didn’t think that this film would be all that great. The trailers made it look silly, stupid, and […]

So Close…

I got my letter from Iarnród Éireann today. The train broke down twice on my last trip home so the […]

Lions and Elephants

Well, 21 – 3 isn’t a good result now is it? And it looks like three players are now ruled […]

Tiny Stories

Spotted this over at Stainless Steal Droppings.. The rules are simple, and can be found in greater detail here, but […]

Rare Religious Unity in Jerusalem

The ultra-Orthodox Jewish mayor of Jerusalem has banned an annual gay pride parade due to take place in the holy city next Thursday … Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leaders had denounced the festival as an abomination.


Well the last few posts have mainly been about the “oh-so-exciting” [1] move of the blog from one location to […]

Real Empathy

New Scientist report that seeing pain has the same effect on muscles as feeling it. Volunteers were shown videos of […]