Lost – Pilot dir. by

26 May 2005

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I’ve heard lots of good rumours about this programme, but haven’t actually read anything about it, didn’t want to get spoiled if I decided to watch it.
RTE showed the pilot (2 episodes) back to back last Monday, and there wasn’t much else on so I figured I may as well watch it. So far it is okay, I’m not sure why there has been so much raving about how great it is. Then again, I can’t really judge after only one episode.

The opening scene was good, I liked the image of Jack just lying there in the forest, and I do think that they were right to show the plan crash in flashback, instead of an almighty confusing opening. Plus it gives the viewer a chance to see what happened on the plane from different perspectives.

For the rest of the programme it seemed pretty run-of-the-mill, the character of Jack annoyed me, simply because he was such a hero. It annoyed me that no one else was even thinking about doing anything until he made an appearance at the crash site and started giving orders. I suppose the writers were saying that everyone else was pretty much in shock, but as a doc, Jack was used to crazy chaos-filled situations.

As for the rest of the episode goes, well I think they overdid it on the whole “something is out there”. There are only so many times you can show trees shaking, and hear strange noises before any tension evaporates, changing into boredom.

That been said, I did like the appearance of the polar bear, and the weirdness of it. Plus that french woman’s recording at the end was a little creepy.

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