These Old Shades & Sylvester

Over the Easter I wasn’t online, but I was still reading. And two books that Ninemoons gave me were Sylvester and These Old Shades. Both written by Gorgette Heyer and are historical novels. I’ve also stuck em under the chick lit tag because I cant see many fellas enjoying them. A few maybe, but they […]

Questions for the day

Why exactly is it that people driving cars can’t use their indicators? And why do people riding bikes think it is okay to use the footpath? And do I sound like one of those Grumpy Old Women?

Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles

0330327909 I read George’s Memoirs of Cleopatra a year or two ago, and really enjoyed it, so when I spotted this in the bargain basement I figured I may as well purchase. Still it has taken me an age to actually manage to read it. Mainly because it is quite a large book, and a […]

What’s the story with Patty

So I’ve been doing a bit of surfing, and what with St. Patrick’s day having just been, there are quite a few sites that mention it. So my question: when did it become Patty’s day? Or is it just an Americanisation of Paddy’s Day? Coz I use paddy’s day, makes it sound less like a […]

So the Six Nations is over

And I think Ireland bottled it. They never played as well as they could, imo, and stuck far too much to the kick for position and set-piece game. Now I know it has worked well for us, but for a team to win they have to be able to adjust in order to face different […]

Weeks 110 & 111

Didn’t do this last week, so two entries for today: Week 111 Stink:: skunk Renewal:: work I remember…:: you in cinefilm. Loneliness:: Lonely but never alone Ooooh:: er, missus For real:: as if Titanium:: not as good as adamantium Get down:: and jiggy wid it Rupture:: rapture, end of the world Dramatic:: irony And 110: […]

Heeling to music…

So I was watching Crufts there on Sun. Well, I suppose I was really reading while waiting for ER to start, but I saw bits of the dog show. So can someone tell me why this freaky thing known as heeling to music exists. It seems to consist of this mad wan prancing about, as […]