Monthly Archives: March 2005

These Old Shades & Sylvester

Over the Easter I wasn’t online, but I was still reading. And two books that Ninemoons gave me were Sylvester and These Old Shades. Bo [...]

Le Chevalier de Sainte-Hermine

Lucretia Again posted this great news. A new Alexandre Dumas novel has been found and it to be published. Believed to be the great writer [...]

Questions for the day

Why exactly is it that people driving cars can’t use their indicators? And why do people riding bikes think it is okay to use the foot [...]

Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles

0330327909 I read George’s Memoirs of Cleopatra a year or two ago, and really enjoyed it, so when I spotted this in the bargain baseme [...]

What’s the story with Patty

So I’ve been doing a bit of surfing, and what with St. Patrick’s day having just been, there are quite a few sites that mention [...]

So the Six Nations is over

And I think Ireland bottled it. They never played as well as they could, imo, and stuck far too much to the kick for position and set-piece [...]

Weeks 110 & 111

Didn’t do this last week, so two entries for today: Week 111 Stink:: skunk Renewal:: work I remember…:: you in cinefilm. Lonelin [...]

Brotherhood of the Wolf

I just bought this on dvd after seeing many good reviews of it since its release. Plus, you know werewolf film so figured for 8 quid I wasn& [...]

Flight of the Phoenix

You know this is the sort of film that doesn’t really deserve a review. It is cliché-ridden, the dialogue is terrible, you’ll l [...]
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