Well tis Imbolc time

1 February 2005

Also known as the beginning of Spring, or, here in Ireland St. Brigid’s Day. Mind you I haven’t even seen a hint of the crosses…

There is a phrase here in Ireland “there was no sex before the Late,Late”.
The Late Late is a TV chat show, that has been running for many a year (It is the world’s longest running live TV chat show). It used to be hosted by Gay Byrne and was regular viewing. Almost everyone in the country would tune into at least some part of the Late, Late Show on a Friday.

Gay retired a few years back, and Pat Kenny replaced him. Not so many people watch any more. Not that I think Kenny is totally to blame, its just that, well he made things worse, imo. I’ve heard him described as a real version of Alan Partridge. Today there was a wonderful letter in the Irish Times where he is described as

“The latest instalment, featuring an incoherent Brigitte Nielsen and an inane Amanda Byram, merely charts the further decline of a once great programme, now hosted by one with all the wit, charm and sex appeal of a digestive biscuit, who seems to have an extraordinary ability to continually find the utter dregs of Irish and international “entertainment” and display them without any sense of shame.”

How could I resist posting that. Everyone take note of that insult. I want to see everyone use the term “digestive biscuit” in a derogatory manner at least once.

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