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27 February 2005

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Went to see The Woodsman starring Kevin Bacon last week. Was a very interesting film, but not one I’m gonna review, as such, for the simple reason that the subject matter is such that it dwarfs the actual film.

For those of you who don’t know, the film tells Walter’s story after he is released on parole after serving time in prison for the abuse of girls, usually aged between 10 & 14.

I suppose part of the intent behind the film is to bring rational thought to the issue of paedophilia, but, at the same time, a lot of people who regard all paedophiles as monsters would not choose to go see a film where one is represented in a sympathetic manner. And a lot of effort is put into making the Bacon character less of a monster and more of an extremely troubled, hurt man.

Yet at the same time the role played by an other paedophile lets the viewer still feel that it is okay to react with nothing but violence. Hmm, maybe okay is not quite the term I want, understandable is perhaps a better word.

All the actors do great jobs in this film, Bacon is wonderful, but it is the little girl playing Robin that is truely stand out.

Highly recommended, but disturbing viewing.

“It’s easier, certainly in art, to say monster, monster, monster, because then we can kill them and the audience feels really great. I’ve done that with Sleepers. But the reality is you can’t pick these guys out of the crowd. They don’t have horns. They are human beings, and they cut across all socio-economic boundaries. They’re in our schools and our families, they’re riding on the bus.”

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