The great thing about

2 February 2005

The best thing working in a library is the books you come across. Now I work in a college library, so it is mainly academic titles, and usually scientific in nature. There are still some great titles out there though. Last week I came across one that was called something like The River: the coming plagues about how we’re all going to die horribly of new-fangled diseases. And just now a load of criminal forensic books have been returned. Course I can’t read them all, but I can skim.

Of course there are negative points. Like the fact that just after I’ve gone out and tidied my shelves along come various students and launch bombs at them. Leaving piles of smoking books here there and everywhere. People, people, people *fx: me shaking my head, wearily*. There is a reason we put those little numbers on the spines of books. It is so we know where they go, and then can help you to find them. If you take a book (or fifty) from the shelves and don’t know where they go, then do NOT just place them randomly on the shelves. Put them on the trolley. It makes life a lot easier for us, and then we can help you find that book you desperatly need to finish your essay that was due two days ago.

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