Sideways dir. by

3 February 2005

Genre: ,
Cast: ,
Rated :

Thank God, a good film. A great film even, and seeing as the films I saw before this were stinkers, what a relief.

Jack and Miles are best friends, Miles is Jack’s best man for his upcoming wedding. So they head off for a least week of freedom. So far, it could be any buddy film, with all the horrors that might entail. But don’t worry, this is no gross-out film, instead it is a character driven comedy.

Its hard to try and summarise the plot of this film, because this film is so involved in the characters rather than the plot. Miles, an unpublished author is hiding a drink problem behind his “wine-tasting”, while Jack just wants to sleep with anything that moves.

It may take a little while to get into, we have to be introduced to the characters afterall but don’t be put off by that. This is a fantastic comedy that, while full of subtlety and small moments, also has some great laugh out loud moments. All I’ll say is lovely bobble hat. If you see the film you’ll understand

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