Weekend’s main match: Ireland V England

While the match itself may have been more similar to Sat.’s Scotland/Italy match than the free-flowing France/Wales match, it was still full of tension and drama. Obviously I am not impartial, wanting Ireland to win, and because of that vested interest I may have found the match more enthralling than …

Why are Ipods supposed to be so great?

Almost everywhere you go you’re bound to see those white earphones that id a person as using an Ipod, they are constantly mentioned as though they are the world’s only mp3 player. Are they really so great? I bought a creative Nomad jukebox something or other last year. It was …

Think back, no further back

“described as a “psychonanalytic procedure in which
a person is encouraged to give free rein to his or
her thoughts and feelings, verbalizing whatever
comes into the mind without monitoring its content.”
Over time, this technique is supposed to help
bring forth repressed thoughts and feelings that
the person can then work through to gain a better
sense of self.

Rule 42

There’s been a lot of talk here about Rule 42 and whether or not the GAA should let rugby and soccer be played in Croke Park. And of course a lot of the debate centres around the fact that the govt. gave all this money to the GAA in order …

Serenity prequel comic

While you are waiting for September and the film release (later if you’re this side of the Atlantic) you might be intereste in the prequel comics. The first is due for release in July. “Dark Horse Comics confirmed for Newsarama that they will be publishing the three-issue prequel, written by …

GBrowser on its way

Looks like Google really is out to take over the world. First by search engine, then by email, then getting into the blogging business, and recently there have been plenty of rumours about a google browser. “In April of 2004 they purchased the domain gbrowser.com (notice the similarity to gmail.com) …