The acorn never falls far from the tree

26 January 2005

Or so some saying goes.
The Irish Times(sub req.d) has a story that George W. Bush is related/descended from Strongbow, and therefore from his wife Aoife and so of Dermot McMorrough. McMorrough, High King Of Leinster is

“reviled in many Irish history books as the man who betrayed his island for personal gain.”

For all who don’t know McMorrough invited Strongbow (Richard de la Clare) into Ireland and thus started the Norman invasion in 1169. And thus began the “700 yrs of occupation” rubbish that is still whined about.

So two of the most infamous men in Ireland’s history are ancestors of Mr. Bush… But then again I don’t put much store in what your forefathers did. It is all about your actions isn’t it?

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