I love

24 January 2005

the internet.
Through it you can find out such great information. For example, Neil Gaiman has a Beowulf script that looks like it’ll be made into a film, directed by Robert Zemeckis.

I also manage to finally purchase GGK’s Fionavar trilogy. I went into Hodges looking for it, but although they had book one and book 2, there was no sign of book 2. I tried to order it but twas told “out of print”. So got online this morning and ordered it from amazon. All three cost me around 7 euro, but its almost double that to get them posted. Still cheaper than buying them all new I suppose.

Went to the kino on Sat., saw Ladder 49 and Vanity Fair. Neither were very good, but isn’t the lovely Mr. James Purefoy very watchable?
First saw him as the Black Prince in A Knight’s Tale and he does catch the eye. Anyways, through the wonder that is the imdb I found out he will be playing Marc Anthony in a TV series about Rome. Made by the BBC and HBO so we should get a glimpse over here.

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