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Sectarian symbol? I fink not!

Lookie, lookie, two vaguely serious posts in the one day. Must be Friday. One of the Blue Peter presenters was recently in the news, some on [...]

It’ll not be said in this country I slayed a naked man!

You don’t get lyrics like that very often, now do you? It is from the song Little Musgrave. You know when I was a kid listening to tra [...]

Ladder 49

So you see firemen and Joaquin Phoenix and you think, hmmm, that’ll be fun. (Or you do if you’re me). Well it wasn’t. Hone [...]

Temptation is calling

Man, I hate those red spoiler warning on, especially when they relate to Serenity, like this one, which says it is only a mi [...]

Ever feel like you’re missing out?

For almost two years I have not had to commute to work. Before that it was an hour long journey on a bus out to work (which weirdly featured [...]

Doesn’t this sound great:

“Graphic novel innovators Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman (creators of “The Sandman” and “Violent Cases”) have fas [...]

The acorn never falls far from the tree

Or so some saying goes. The Irish Times(sub req.d) has a story that George W. Bush is related/descended from Strongbow, and therefore from h [...]

Oscar time again, can you believe it?

And the nominations are: Best picture The Aviator Finding Neverland Million Dollar Baby Ray Sideways - I’m guessing The Aviator will w [...]

I love

the internet. Through it you can find out such great information. For example, Neil Gaiman has a Beowulf script that looks like it’ll [...]
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