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Sectarian symbol? I fink not!

Lookie, lookie, two vaguely serious posts in the one day. Must be Friday. One of the Blue Peter presenters was […]

It’ll not be said in this country I slayed a naked man!

You don’t get lyrics like that very often, now do you? It is from the song Little Musgrave. You know […]

Ladder 49

So you see firemen and Joaquin Phoenix and you think, hmmm, that’ll be fun. (Or you do if you’re me). […]

Temptation is calling

Man, I hate those red spoiler warning on, especially when they relate to Serenity, like this one, which says […]

Ever feel like you’re missing out?

For almost two years I have not had to commute to work. Before that it was an hour long journey […]

Doesn’t this sound great:

“Graphic novel innovators Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman (creators of “The Sandman” and “Violent Cases”) have fashioned a fluid visual […]

The acorn never falls far from the tree

Or so some saying goes. The Irish Times(sub req.d) has a story that George W. Bush is related/descended from Strongbow, […]

Oscar time again, can you believe it?

And the nominations are: Best picture The Aviator Finding Neverland Million Dollar Baby Ray Sideways – I’m guessing The Aviator […]

I love

the internet. Through it you can find out such great information. For example, Neil Gaiman has a Beowulf script that […]

The Briar King

ISBN:0330419455 # 1 in the Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone series Picked this up because it is the Jan. read […]

When is a murder not a crime?

When the IRA do it.
Or at least that is according to Mr. McLaughlin on Questions and Answers last night. I was the cinema so didn’t see it, but according to today’s Irish Times he was

“Asked by the Minister for Justice, Mr McDowell, if he would classify the shooting of Ms McConville as a crime, he said: “I think it was wrong”. Asked again if he thought it was a crime, he replied: “No, I do not”.


Dropped by The Menagerie today, and came across a wonderfully weird story of a fella who shot a nail into […]