Monthly Archives | December 2004

Did I happen to mention

My one eyed-cat before? I don’t think so (and I even went to the bother of doing a little browse […]

The Phantom of the Opera

I had expected to enjoy this. But no, it was over long, over crap, and just plain boring. There isn’t […]

Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events [based on books]

I’ll admit first off that I haven’t read the books … yet. I did give the first three to my […]

The Aviator

Not being a huge fan of DiCaprio’s I wasn’t really sure why I wanted to see this film, the trailers […]

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter – part 2

Part I here; You might as well read it first I know, I know, I said in my first review […]


I’ve mentioned Kelley Armstrong here once or twice[1] before; she has 4 published books and has deals done for 9 […]

Couple of Things

So how is everyone’s Christmas shopping coming? I’ve a few got, but more to get. Still, seemed very christmas-y yesterday, […]

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

ISBN: 0747570558 A fantastic story about the two magicians who returned magic to England, set in the Napoleonic era, this […]

The face of evil:

Chuggers! Otherwise known as Charity Muggers. If you live in any big city I’m sure you know what I’m talking […]