Did I happen to mention

My one eyed-cat before? I don’t think so (and I even went to the bother of doing a little browse and didn’t find any reference to her.) I may be wrong of course, but don’t tell anyone. Okay, so a while back we got a kitten, she was very purty, and very playful. My lil […]

Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events [based on books]

I’ll admit first off that I haven’t read the books … yet. I did give the first three to my little sister for Christmas though, so I may get around to them at some stage. Then again the TBR pile does seem to be growing – but enough of that, back to the film.

The film starts out by warning us that this is no happy tale (if you want that you’ll have to lay your hands on “The Happiest Little Elf”). Lemony Snicket (Jude Law), the author, introduces the viewers to the Baudelaire children. For the briefest of instances they are relatively happy; Violet inventing, Klaus reading and Sonny.. well biting. Read more about Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events [based on books]

The Aviator

Not being a huge fan of DiCaprio’s I wasn’t really sure why I wanted to see this film, the trailers weren’t anything special, but I suppose all the talk about how good this film was made me more inclined to watch it. Not knowing anything much about Howard Hughes I am not in a position […]


I’ve mentioned Kelley Armstrong here once or twice[1] before; she has 4 published books and has deals done for 9 with various publishers, so she is kinda popular. Anyways, every year she writes an e-serial, and has recently finished this years; Beginnings. It is on her website in various formats if you wanna go read. […]

Couple of Things

So how is everyone’s Christmas shopping coming? I’ve a few got, but more to get. Still, seemed very christmas-y yesterday, was wrapping presents when the Budwiser ad came on the telly. You know the one “wishing you and yours the very best this holiday season”. All I need now is to see that ancient Penny’s […]

The face of evil:

Chuggers! Otherwise known as Charity Muggers. If you live in any big city I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Those smiling faces who jump out and ask if you can “spare a moment”, or ask if you can afford a bottle of water. And if you can, will you use it to save […]