Time really drags

20 September 2004

when you have nothing to do. Still unemployed, thinking about heading back to Dublin and looking for a temp job while I wait. Is it just me or are libraries really really slow about getting back in touch regarding positions. I mean I just got a letter from somewhere that I don’t even remember applying to, looked it up and found out I’d applied before I left college! That was months and months ago.

Still the whole living in Sligo thing prolly isn’t helping all that much, after all there is nothing here and anyone thinking of giving me a job prolly wonders about me having to move and all. Ah well, guess I’ll have to see about scraping some money together and look for somewhere to live in Dublin, reckon I’ll try for somewhere in the city centre, but no decisions yet.

In other news, I went to see Hellboy, really liked it

Was doing a little catching up on blogs I used to read on a regular basis (need to get proper access this slow dial-up is getting to be a bit of a drag, plus it doesn’t seem right that I’m sponging off the parents). Anyways, found an interesting post at Crickets and Daisies all about wanting, should I say, needing to vent your opinions when you overhear other people being a little ignorant in what they say.

Now while I often feel like kicking people I know I’d never say anything to anyone. Not sure why. Maybe it is the Irish “non-complaining” thing, but plenty of other Irish people stick their noses in where they aren’t wanted. And I will give out if people are actually annoying me, I threatened a gang of noisy boys when I was at the cinema, but I think that as society grows apart people are less likely to confront others. The reason; well you never know what their reaction might be. You might think that you are just helping someone out by pointing out the cinema is not a good place for a mobile phone conversation on who’s seeing who. They might think you are a nosey cow in need of slap for listening into their conversation.

So opinions on stuff, good to have, good to share, but then again can be good to keep them to yourself as well. Judgement calls are part of what makes life so interesting don’t you think?

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