Shock, shock,

16 August 2004

Horror, horror, the reason being that this is my first post of August, and the month is almost over!

Still, have actually been up to a few things so that might explain it :) Went to the Horse Show on the 8th, great fun. I and a friend go every year, and this year we went and purchased actual seats, no more standing with the regular folks for us. We always try to go on a friday in order to catch the Aga Khan Nations Cup (maybe I should add that this is a showjumping competition). We did miss it one year, and of course that was the last time we won. The showjumping team has been “rent by controversy” if you want to believe the recent media reports (okay the one paragraphs this sport gets once a month, if that often. Despite that we so have a pretty good team.

Anyways, since that last win we’ve been every Nations Cup day, but the Irish team have never won. So we were hopeful this year that it would be different. And it was! We won, really exciting competition. Belgium were leading after the first round, and it wasn’t until our final rider jumped a clear round that we knew the competition was ours. Great result just before the Olympics. (We didn’t have a show-jumping team last time, because although they qualified the Irish olympic board, or some such organisation, thought we wouldn’t win a medal so it wasn’t worth the expense of sending a team. Talk about the Olympic ideals!)

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