Yet another suvey

31 July 2004

Came across this one on The Wasteland:

  • A – Act your age – Can I ignore this one, 25 and just moved home again :(
  • B – Breast size – huh, your not getting that info so easily :)
  • C – Chore you hate – Cutting the grass.
  • D – Dad’s name – Oliver
  • E – Essential make up item – Eyeshadow, defo needed
  • F – Favorite actor – Vin Diesel, yummy. But I also love that fella you played Prince Edward in A Knight’s Tale; and Hugh Jackman, and… well I could go on and on
  • G – Gold or silver – Silver, goes well with so much don’t you think
  • H – Hometown – Dublin, Ireland
  • I – Instruments you play – None, I know a bit of the keyboard, and we learned the recorder for a while in school. But I wouldn’t be confident of actually playing a recognisable tune
  • .

  • J – Job title – Librarian, although I am currently resting.
  • K – Kids – nada
  • L – Living arrangements – Back in the family home, so none of its mine
  • M – Mum’s name – Eileen
  • N – Number of people you’ve kissed – Were we supposed to be counting?
  • O – Overnight hospital stays – None
  • P – Phobia – Can’t think of any, I’m sure I have some but at the my mind is a blank
  • Q – Quote you like – There are a good few, and already listed down one of the volumns so whats the point in repeating myself
  • R – Religious affiliation – Culturally Catholic, but none in practice
  • S – Siblings – five brothers, one sister. One older
  • T – Time you wake up – I usually wake around 9, but tend to stay in bed until I gotta get up. And since as I am unemployed at the moment I get to lie in a lot
  • U – Underwear type – Who came up with these questions?
  • V – Vegetable you refuse to eat – Brocolli, and cabbage. Just don’t like em
  • W -Worst habit – Doing nothing. Wasting time online
  • Y – Yummy food you make – Don’t really make anything special.
  • Z – Zodiac Sign – Aquarius.

Current track:Don’t take your gun to town Johnny Cash

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